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Apart from having extraordinary historical background and geographical advantage, what is more attractive about Hong Kong is her strong soft power, in that: she is deeply ingrained with proficient management practice, highly institutionalized civic system and excellent business environment. Hong Kong has been keeping up with international standards in various aspects. Being a worldwide transportation hub and information free flow center, Hong Kong has great opportunities to get access to the best product information of worldwide manufacturers and to integrate the same to create a synergy to provide wider and novel choices abundantly to mainland Chinese market. Politically, Hong Kong has maintained a relatively neutral stand with other nations and economically, the tariff and logistics arrangements here in Hong Kong are more flexible. These factors certainly facilitate more opportunities for enhancing international trading cooperation which is also definitely a competitive edge in procuring firefighting machinery business.

Nowadays, Hong Kong should no longer be limited to regional strategic thoughts, but to extend to make use of the Belt and Road Initiative to build up an extensively open economic system; establishing a broad economic trading platform in the Greater Bay Area; introducing international standard specifications and sharing precious experience with the mainland market. Hong Kong can achieve a win-win situation with mainland China. Hong Kong United Machine and Engineering Limited (“HKUME”) is now utilizing the resource within the Greater Bay Area and coordinating with the development of national policies at its best. We are establishing a solid firefighting machinery manufacturing foundation through in-depth integration with respective product benefits and innovative high-tech from both mainland and Hong Kong.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is currently committed to promoting “Re-industrialization” and the concept has been receiving support from the Central Government in her “The Development Plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”. In 2017, the Innovation and Technology Bureau formally established the Committee on Innovation, Technology and Re-industrialization, in order to enhance the development of “Re-industrialization” in four areas, namely providing infrastructure, financial support, technical support and human resources development. Two billion Hong Kong dollars will be invested in launching the Re-industrialization Funding Scheme, which helps sorting out new breakthroughs for the development of the Hong Kong’s industrial economy. HKUME is a perfect match as one of the supporting targets in this Funding Scheme, as we manufacture and sell high-value products with advanced technology and rich creativity.

To conclude, HKUME excels in global procurement capabilities and has a huge national market. With the support from the Hong Kong Government, we will be able to participate in upgrading the modern firefighting machinery industry system. We will make good use of the resource in Greater Bay Area for strengthening the division of labor and industrial sectors; improving the production chain; and enhancing integration between high-tech and firefighting machinery manufacturing, for the purpose to create more reliable and safer firefighting machinery. HKUME is also actively seeking opportunities through the Belt and Road Initiative in promoting our products towards various provinces in mainland China and international community. The future market we are facing has a huge potential and HKUME hopes to catch a ride on the national strategic development and to escalate to be a distinguished brand of Greater Bay Area enterprises.

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